Waterfront Residential Building

  1. General Details

    Waterfront Residential Building





    Start Date:

    Completion Date:


    Damac Properties

    Draya Contracting LLC

    Lacasa Qatar

    January 2020


  2. Scope of Work
    Scope of work includes:

    HV works including HV cubicle panel & 11kV cable up to tie-in connection point within boundary limit.
    Power transformer including bus bar connections.
    Generator including ATS.
    Electrical LV distribution including LV-panel, sub main boards & motor control panel.
    Main & sub main cables & cable containment.
    Lighting installation including lighting points & light switches.
    Installation only of lights fixtures.
    Small power installation including wiring accessories & power isolator.
    Earthing & lightning protection system.
    Lighting control system.
    Central battery system.
    Passive components for Telephone/Data system.
    CCTV system.
    Access control system.
    BGM System.
    Cable containment for building management system.