General Contracting

For more than a decade of consecutive growth in the construction business, we have expanded our service by commencing our General Contracting Division which uphold our principle of continues value-added construction services to our Clients. Our General Contracting Division ensure our clients’ satisfaction in its various exposures on different undertakings and development from refurbishment projects, planning and design, up and until full blown construction of houses, buildings, offices, civil engineering works and even infrastructure projects.

As a general contractor and builder, the company takes full responsibility for the overall operations of the project construction; this includes provision of all the materials, labor, equipment and other services necessary for the project completion. The company guarantees that our skilled and professional team shall guide our clients in every aspect of the project development from its conceptualization up to the construction phase.

The following are the services we offer as a general contractor/builder:

Building Construction and Renovation
Architectural Design
Interior and Exterior Design
Site Analysis & Project Study